The Power of Volunteering: Building Stronger Communities in Washington DC

By Sonya Schweitzer

The Transformational Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers are the heartbeat of communities, continually pulsating with dedication and enthusiasm to improve lives. Their commitment helps communities thrive, fostering a sense of connection and compassion. The benefits of volunteering aren’t just external. Internally, it aids personal growth, allowing individuals to forge new friendships, expand their professional network, and enhance their social skills. 

This blog strives to highlight the overarching benefits of volunteering and explicitly underscores the significant role Samaritan Inns plays in harnessing the power of volunteering in Washington, DC.

The Transformational Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is more than just an individual activity. In Washington, DC, community groups and civic organizations find joy in volunteering together, establishing a tradition of service.  Volunteering not only introduces group members to the diverse facets of their community but also instills a sense of responsibility.

Moreover, volunteering can act as a balm for the soul. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, dedicating time to a cause can lend purpose, increase self-esteem, and act as a buffer against stress and depression. It’s a chance for the community to bring together varied stakeholders, from local businesses to faith groups and civic organizations. provides these top four benefits of volunteerism: 

  1. Volunteering connects you to others.
  2. It is good for the mind and the body to volunteer.
  3. Volunteering can advance your career. 
  4. You can add fun and fulfillment to your life with volunteerism.  

Volunteering can improve your life just as much as the lives of those you help.

How does volunteerism help the community of Washington, DC, and Samaritan Inns?

The Power of Volunteering in Strengthening Washington DC Communities

In Washington, DC, the power of volunteering is palpable. When individuals unite for a cause, it fosters community resilience, enabling communities to bounce back stronger from adversities. Volunteers supplement professionals’ efforts, ensuring no gap in service exists and enhancing the resources available to the community.

One of the most potent effects of volunteering is its ability to bridge social divides. In a time of differences, volunteering unites, fostering understanding and solidarity. Organizations benefit immensely from this as volunteers bring diverse skills, ideas, and experiences, enabling them to serve the community better, innovate, and adapt.

Volunteer Opportunities at Samaritan Inns

Serving the Washington DC community since 1985, Samaritan Inns has witnessed the transformative power of volunteering. We are deeply embedded in the community fabric, providing a beacon of hope and recovery to those battling drug and alcohol addiction.

To further show the impact of volunteerism at Samaritan Inns, we spoke to Justin Feltman, Samaritan Inns’ Communication & Outreach Coordinator: 

“What I love about our volunteer programs is seeing the great benefit they provide for both volunteers and our residents.

When a volunteer completes a beautification day, our volunteers get a real sense of accomplishment and it gives our residents a beautifully landscaped home. When a volunteer completes a dinner fellowship, they walk away with an appreciation of our clients and their journey to recovery and our clients see that the community does truly care and appreciate them.”

We believe in harnessing the power of volunteering, and every season, we welcome volunteers to join our mission. Whether you’re an individual or a group, there’s a place for you at Samaritan Inns. All eight of our properties require love and care to ensure they remain welcoming for our residents. From painting to gardening and cleaning, we have many activities where you can contribute.

We also understand the profound impact of human connection. Our Dinner Fellowship Program offers a chance to not just cook for but also connect with our residents. Every weekend, this program creates moments of shared meals and conversations, pivotal in our residents’ recovery journey.


To join this transformative journey, reach out to Samaritan Inns. Let’s harness the power of volunteering and make a difference in Washington, DC. For more details, visit

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