Meet Eddy Muñoz – Director of Properties

By Justin Feltman

Eddy came to the United States from Bolivia in 1997. He got by, working construction and taking English classes. Any free time he had left over, he spent volunteering to help kids with homework. There, he learned about Samaritan Inns from a fellow volunteer.  Eddy just had to get involved with the mission.

“When I was little, I used to see my father struggling with alcohol. I always wanted to help him but I didn’t know how. So I said, if I can help somebody in this program, somebody will help my father.”

Eddy came to Samaritan Inns in 2000 working as a building manager. He was so touched by the transformation and healing of those who came through the program. Then, he received news of a miracle back home. “My father also stopped drinking. So after I started working here three years after, he just stopped.” Eddy’s faith was rewarded and that hope for healing still motivates him at Samaritan Inns 24 years later.

“You see people out in the streets and they don’t have a place to go, we prepare the structure of their homes so they can find hope here.”

Eddy oversees the maintenance of Samaritan Inns’ eight properties and manages around 15 staff members. Over the years, he’s also witnessed many changes to the programs and has had to prepare the buildings to fit these new needs, including many renovation and construction projects, such as the creation of our childcare center for our Women with Children Program. “The main floor was used for trash storage, and upstairs was just an efficiency,” Eddy shares, reflecting back. Now, it’s the essential space for the only Women with Children Program in the District of Columbia, providing childcare for up to 16 children, while their mothers receive treatment services. This is all thanks to Eddy and his team.

“I have a good team. They’re good people.”

Want to join? Eddy is looking for volunteers to conduct beautification days at our properties.

“If a house is nice and clean and has nice flowers, it’s a nice home. After a volunteers come for a beautification day, our clients are really thankful and feel better because they know they live in a nice home.”

If this would be of interest, please email Justin Feltman at for more information.

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