Phase 3 Long-Term
Recovery Program

The Long-Term Recovery Program is the third phase of our Treatment and Recovery Continuum. During this phase, the focus shifts to residents applying the tools needed for long-term recovery in an affordable, sober housing community.

Who Is Eligible?

This program serves single men and women aged 21 to 65 who have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Samaritan Inns’ Treatment and Recovery Continuum, or have completed an equivalent program from another provider. Potential residents must have 6 months of clean time, a stable income, and a physical health and mental health clearance. Potential residents are also encouraged to have an identified sponsor and demonstrated engagement in either outpatient SUD care and/or 12-Step Meetings.


Our Long-Term Recovery Program offers private rooms, shared living & dining spaces, and recovery support services in a drug/alcohol-free environment. Residents can develop leadership skills as suite representatives and be part of a supportive and accountable community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are recovery programs?

Recovery programs provide an environment where individuals can practice skills that support the sustainment of ongoing recovery goals.

What is the difference between treatment and recovery?

Treatment is the space where clinical intervention supports behavior change related to addiction. Recovery is the implementation of skills and behavior changes developed during treatment.

How long does the long-term recovery program last?

The Long-Term Recovery program serves as a transition point for individuals who are working to secure their own permanent, independent housing. The recommended time in this program is 6 months to two years.

Get Help

We invite anyone experiencing homelessness and addiction to learn more about how Samaritan Inns can serve you. Please contact Intake at 202-478-3750 for more information about the Long-Term Recovery Program.

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