Women With Children Program

Our Women with Children Treatment Program strives to create a safe place where mothers and pregnant women struggling with addiction can receive treatment and family services, while working with them to access long-term independent living.

Who Is Eligible?

Our Women with Children Program focuses on meeting the needs of mothers and pregnant women struggling with addiction. Women may bring up to two (2) dependent children (between the ages of 0-10), or be in the process of reunification through the Family Court System. School-age children who reside in the facility must enroll in the school district nearest to the facility. Non-school-age children are required to participate in Samaritan Inns’ on-site, OSSE-certified childcare center.


The Women with Children Treatment Program is the only family-focused treatment facility in the District of Columbia. Clients attend weekly groups/meetings with addiction counselors, 12-step meetings, individual counseling, and parenting classes. Clients also have access to various resources, including a case manager who helps with referrals to external agencies for housing assessment services, GED tutoring, employment readiness, job training, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Additionally, clients learn skills that support increased self-sufficiency and positive family functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Women With Children Program a perinatal program?

Yes. It is both prenatal and perinatal.

How do I qualify for housing through the Women With Children Program?

The staff works with mothers and pregnant women to access family housing resources managed by external providers.

Will dependent children who are older than 18 be able to stay with me?

No. Children must be between the ages of 0 to 10 years.

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Please contact 202-234-0904 for more information about our Women with Children Program.

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