The Case for Giving Local

By Sonya Schweitzer

As you consider making a charitable donation, you may wonder about the case for giving locally. Donating to a local charity brings us closer to our community. But the need across the US and internationally is excellent this year.  

The case for giving local is strong. Donors can see the results of their generosity directly. For every dollar donated locally, the public receives $3 of benefit in the community.”Neon One.  

This blog will review the case for giving to charities in Washington, DC. 

Invest in Your Community 

Every donation to a Washington DC charity makes a local impact and allows the charity to impact neighborhoods in the city positively. Here are five reasons to donate to a local charity:

  1. You are investing in places that you see every day. Investing in your community makes it easier to identify causes that will immediately benefit from your contribution. 
  2. Funds donated locally go to work for the community quickly. 
  3. Your donation benefits the neediest and most vulnerable in your community.
  4. Giving local gives us a sense of belonging to the community.
  5. You are investing in the quality of life in your community. 

A Teaching Moment to Protect the Future

 Helping a local charity often goes beyond a money donation. Giving locally is not just for the adults in the community– it can also be a teaching opportunity for the next generation. Teaching through volunteerism provides life skills. 

Volunteerism teaches everyone the value of helping others, and it also teaches responsibility. Raising funds to give to a local charity or volunteering builds self-worth in young Washingtonians. It lays the groundwork for their future in the community. 

With local families, raising money to donate or volunteering starts a family tradition of giving. It’s a tradition that will pass to the next generation. Often, families help local charities during the holiday season, but DC charities need assistance year-round. Perhaps a spring break project or a summer vacation fundraiser would be the perfect teaching moment for your family.  

For Washington DC charities, there are many ways to help beyond a monetary donation. Volunteer projects come in all sizes, including opportunities at Samaritan Inns. From church groups to school organizations and local clubs, volunteers of all ages provide beneficial assistance. 

The Case for Giving Local: Meet Your Neighbors 

Are you new to the community? Or perhaps your lifestyle has changed, and you now have time to meet your neighbors. One way to meet your neighbors is through volunteerism with a local charity. At Samaritan Inns, neighbors can help with Beautification Days and Dinner Fellowships. Both opportunities not only help us, but you will also meet others in the community.   

Samaritan Inns provides many ways to meet your neighbors while helping a local cause. Consider volunteering to host an event or join a fundraiser committee. Often, neighbors realize they can pool their talents to further Samaritan Inns’ positive impact. 

The Most Vulnerable in Our Community Need You 

Nonprofit organizations are vital to our cities, communities, and families. Over 1.5 million organizations in the US provide services and support for some of the most vulnerable in local communities (Great Nonprofits

The case for giving local in Washington DC is strong. The most vulnerable in our community need you now. Consider helping Samaritan Inns today, and visit our website:

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