Announcing Samaritan Inns’ CARF Accreditation: A Commitment to Excellence!

By Sonya Schweitzer

CARF award

Did you know that Samaritan Inns has been helping those on a journey to sobriety in the Washington, DC community since 1985? In the summer of 2023, Samaritan Inns announced its recent CARF Accreditation. The accreditation is a testament to the hard work of Samaritan Inns and the benefit of the organization to Washington, DC.  

CARF, which stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is an independent, nonprofit organization with a core mission to enhance the quality of services offered by health and human service providers.

“Samaritan Inns’ is proud to have recently been accredited by CARF International, which is a sign of the quality services we provide.  Accreditation demonstrates Samaritan Inns’ commitment to continuous quality improvement in order to enhance the lives of the men, women and families we serve.” – Lauren Vaughan, President/CEO

CARF Accreditation is more than just a certification. It’s a testament to Samaritan Inns’ value in the community and dedication to enhancing the lives of those on the journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  

What is the accreditation, and what steps did the Samaritan Inns team take to receive the accreditation?

Understanding CARF Accreditation


CARF Accreditation signifies a service provider’s undying commitment to continually refining their services, actively seeking feedback, and sincere dedication to the community.

“Accreditation, in general, is a strong sign of quality.  At Samaritan Inns, we focus on providing quality services to clients.  Going through CARF helps to acknowledge the quality work we have been doing, as well as give us an expanded framework for addressing continuous quality improvement.” – Elizabeth Clift, Director of Integrated Behavioral Health Services

Why is this important? Simply put, when an institution like Samaritan Inns receives CARF Accreditation, it assures the public and stakeholders of the high-quality standard they uphold. Samaritan Inns is a beacon of hope for many in Washington, DC. This accreditation stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to improving the lives of those battling addiction.

Our Journey to CARF Accreditation

The journey to achieving CARF Accreditation was a complex one. It required thorough introspection, dedication, and hard work from our entire team. CARF’s rigorous evaluation process ensures that providers can deliver substance use disorder treatment services in alignment with the Levels of Care described in The ASAM Criteria® (American Society of Addiction Medicine). In other words, achieving this certification demonstrates our ability to provide top-tier care, setting us apart in our field.

“The highlight of the CARF accreditation process was their spirit of cooperation and desire to assist SI in raising its standard of excellence and increase positive outcomes. CARF also inspired us to develop an overall trajectory for SI that will make a significant impact in addressing the drug crises in DC.” – Judy Ashburn, Director of Treatment Programs 

Moreover, all defining elements – which are crucial to the operation of treatment programs – were diligently met by our institution. With their unwavering commitment and dedication, the staff at Samaritan Inns ensured the successful completion of the CARF review. We couldn’t be prouder of our team, and they genuinely deserve congratulations on this monumental achievement.

What CARF Accreditation Means for Our Community

Our continuous commitment to CARF’s core values ensures that everyone is treated with dignity and respect and is empowered to make informed decisions. We’re focused on more than just the present; we pledge to evolve constantly, ensuring we always provide the best for our community.

CARF Accreditation is more than just a certification. It’s a testament to Samaritan Inns’ value in the community, or dedication to enhancing lives, and our undying commitment to those we serve. 


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