Miss Teen DC United States Partners with Samaritan Inns’ Child Development Center

By Justin Feltman

Earlier this month, Micaela Leroux Burch, Miss Teen DC United States, joined her school for a Dinner Fellowship at Lazarus House for our Adult Treatment Program. Recently elected to her school’s Service Board, she wanted to gain first hand experience with the programs and populations they’ll be serving. Upon learning more about our mission and the Women with Children Program, Micaela wanted to make our mission her mission.

IMG_4627Micaela is a 16-year-old rising senior at the National Cathedral School for Girls (NCS). Micaela believes strongly in the core values of excellent work, personal courage, personal conscience, and service to others. She is passionate about helping children learn, the earlier the better. Micaela’s academic and career interests dovetail with her service activities. She plans to conduct research and practice in psychopathology and the arts. She is interested in understanding the role that the visual and performing arts play in brain development, cognitive growth, and emotional intelligence. Micaela’s goals include master’s and doctorate degrees.

IMG_4591Because of her passion for early childhood development, the Child Development Center at Clark Inn seemed like a natural fit for her passion. “I appreciate that there is a program for the kids, not just the moms. I also like that it takes them out of harmful situations.” She shared that the treatment over imprisonment is also something she would like to see more of around the country. With Samaritan Inns, she hopes to learn more about how to understand this early phase of life and advocate for them. “I think that the support they have for the children ties into my interests in art and interactions [that] make a great foundation for growth.”

This week, Micaela brought joy to our children as she came, in her crown and sash, to deliver games, puzzles, and books, including her own childhood favorite, Peter Rabbit. These generous gifts are are greatly appreciated, as kids immediately put them to good use.

Nationals for the Miss Teen United States will be taking place the first week in July down in Orlando, Florida. We will certainly be rooting Micaela on from DC and can’t wait to see her, and our Child Development Center, grow together.

For more information on Miss Teen DC United States, please contact Regina Burch at reginaburch@usa.net or visit her on Facebook.


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