Interning with Samaritan Inns: A Q&A with Michael Hochstein

By Justin Feltman

While many college students spend their Summers relaxing and recovering from a stressful school year, Michael Hochstein, a Psychology & Biochemistry double major at Mount St. Mary’s University, spent his summer with Samaritan Inns. As classes start up again this week, we asked Michael to reflect upon his experience.

What made you want to work for Samaritan Inns?Image

I wanted to put my time and energy [this] summer into an organization that made a real positive impact in the world of mental health. Upon looking at my options, I saw that Samaritan Inns does just that. It’s people pouring everything they have into helping the homeless and treating their mental illnesses. That is something I wanted to be a part of.

What are some of the things you learned while here?

I learned and refined some basic skills, like Microsoft office. I also got to photograph and write a blog post about Deloitte’s Impact Day, where they came in and helped beautify one of the [Affordable Housing Program Buildings] for the residents. I also gained more insight into the mental health treatment process and got to meet plenty of amazing people!

I honestly did love my time there, I got to do a lot of things I didn’t expect but that helped me become more well-rounded.

What are your future goals (education & career)? Has this experience changed them?

I hope to eventually get an MD and work as a psychiatrist in a psych ward.

This experience didn’t change my goals as much as strengthened my resolve to achieve them. I saw all the work that Samaritan Inns does and the positive impact it has, and knew more than ever before that I needed to be a part of something like it. Mental health is neglected in our world but is so very important.

What was your favorite part of working for Samaritan Inns? 

My favourite part of working for Samaritan Inns had to be the [Clark Construction cookout], where some executives came and cooked for the residents and then we all ate together. It was a very cool experience to see these important men make a point to serve and to interact with the residents.

Any suggestions for anyone interested in interning for Samaritan Inns? 

My suggestions would be to make yourself and your skills known to everyone in the office.Be willing to do any job, even if it is new to you. They will have plenty of jobs for you, just be willing to help out. The staff and residents both greatly appreciate it!

We are truly grateful for Michael’s dedication to our mission. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in an internship with Samaritan Inns, please email us with your qualifications and areas of interest.

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