New Transitional Program Graduates First Three Men!

By Justin Feltman

Last December, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony opening the doors to the Fairmont Inn, which would soon house a new Transitional Living Program.

We wrote last year that in the new program, individuals fighting addiction would be able to fortify their newfound physical, emotional, and psychological well-being and begin to learn a new way of life. The residents would be provided with counseling, crisis intervention, GED preparation, financial management, vocational readiness, employment services, and much more.

Less than a year later, we are proud to celebrate our first three graduates from the program! We celebrated these three men on October 30th. There were many laughs, and many tears as they, and the people dedicated to working with them shared stories, encouragement, and the utmost gratitude to God.

We look forward to more stories of hope!

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