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Larry Huff

Dear Friends,

Every day, I am privileged to witness the remarkable transformation taking place here, at Samaritan Inns in the lives of formerly homeless addicted men and women. I am proud to be part of a legacy of turning hope into reality - since 1985 Samaritan Inns has helped thousands of desperate individuals find sobriety, self-respect, financial responsibility, and independence.

Once an individual makes the decision to reclaim their life, they can look forward to a comprehensive continuum of recovery - a program that combines professional counseling, accountability and mentoring, housing, and employment.

Samaritan Inns works because we have committed staff, as well as dedicated partners who give of themselves through volunteering and through financial support. The human return is immeasurable - people being reunited with their families and the community as healthy and drug-free role models.

I encourage you to become a partner of Samaritan Inns and together we can make a difference!

Larry Huff, President
Larry Huff

Stories of Hope

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The path to recovery varies for everyone and each person's story is different based on their life experiences. Samaritan Inns has been a place where many have come to seek a second chance at life and to reclaim what they have lost. They view our organization as a place where hope begins. Please take a look at some of our Stories of Hope.


Pamella Cox Appeal

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Pamella Cox Appeal

I got caught up with the "wrong crowd". I started experimenting with every drug you could name and started heading down a downward spiral. It slowly consumed my life and started affecting my studies. I became another person, a person I myself did not recognize. I ended up dropping out of school and let go my permanent dreams for temporary pleasure.

I lost control of myself and who I was. I felt lost and alone but I could not stop, I did not want to stop. I started committing crimes to support my habits. I knew this was wrong, but I could not stop.

After some time my addictions caught up with me and I was in and out of jail from 1996 to 2002. This was my rock bottom and I felt alone and had nowhere to turn so I went back to my family and they referred me to Samaritan Inns. I viewed this as my second chance and went to see Lynette Daniels, Director of the Transitional Living Program.

They saw something in me that I did not see in myself. I successfully made it through all three phrases of the programs that Samaritan Inns provided. While I was in the Transitional Living Program, Samaritan Inns provided many resources that I needed to get my life back on track. The skills I learned while here helped me get the job that I am currently at and have been at for the last eight years.

The confidence and lessons I learned while at Samaritan Inns gave me a new lease on life and made me want to better myself. After I left the program I went back to school and got my Associates Degree and then completed my Bachelors of Arts and now I am currently working on my Masters in Operations Management. I recently just closed on my first house and have maintained a clean and sober life ever since. I do not know where I would be if it were not for Samaritan Inns and I am glad I will never have to find out.

Chuck Todd Supports Samaritan Inns!

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Chuck Todd's live broadcasting below on MSNBC

Chuck Todd is the Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, as well as the host of The Daily Rundown on MSNBC! He became NBC News' political director in March 2007. He also serves as NBC News' on-air political analyst for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Today, Meet the Press, and MSNBC. On January 14th he took to the air to show his support for Samaritan Inns and highlighted the work that our organization does for the community! We would like to thank him for his kind words and continued support of the work that we do in the Washington D.C. community.

Check out Chuck Todd's live broadcasting below on MSNBC!

Chuck Todd's live broadcasting below on MSNBC

Nutcracker Benefit

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On Thursday, December 12th, Samaritan Inns hosted its annual Nutcracker Benefit event at the Warner Theater.  It was a wonderful evening celebrating the arts while engaging in fellowship, conversation, and holiday spirit.

Larry Huff - President/CEO of Samaritan Inns
Debbi Jarvis, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility,
Pepco Holdings, Inc.

Christine Johnson – Samaritan Inns Board Member and Family

Daniel Hollander - Development Associate for Samaritan Inns
Vanessa Gomez - friend of Samaritan Inns


We would like to thank all of our Sponsors who made this all possible:

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I’m a recovering addict.

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"Fear is a crippling emotion, which has hindered me for years. It was over 25 years ago when my life took a turn for the worse. That was when I first started using narcotics."

Elizabeth's journey with drugs led her down many paths she regrets. She became pregnant with her first child and, due to her increasing use of crack cocaine; she had to give her daughter to her mother to raise. She felt inadequate and suffered from low self-esteem. Her health and appearance deteriorated. Elizabeth weighed less than one hundred pounds – she couldn't even recognize the woman staring back at her in the mirror.

Elizabeth went in and out of rehab many times, and at one point did regain her life. She married, had a son, and bought a house. "I had everything that I could have dreamed of, but succumbed again to my addiction." She lost her husband, her job and her house.

"I entered the doors of Samaritan Inns a year ago and was admitted into their Transition Program. It was undeniably one of the hardest six months of my life. The program forced me to do some much needed self-reflection on my past. There were many days that I wanted to give up, go back to using and just quit and throw it all away; but the love of my son and the support at Samaritan Inns kept me going. They were patient with me, and their programs taught me how to present myself to society again. I lost who I was and had to go on a journey to find myself."

After successfully completing the Transition Program, Elizabeth was admitted into the Single Room Occupancy program. She just celebrated her first full year of being clean, and says that it was a feeling of accomplishment she cannot even describe.

5th Annual Tournament of Hope

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We were blessed to have a bright and sunny day for our 5th Annual Tournament of Hope! Our 5th Annual Tournament of Hope was held at Westfields Golf Course, where golfers competed for the 1st place trophy and participated in contests, hoping to win many coveted prizes.

We would like to thank all the golfers for their support which helps hundreds of formerly homeless men and women who want to reclaim their lives from addictions. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to seeing you next year at our 6th Annual Tournament of Hope



SPACIOUS Fence Painting Day

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On Saturday, June 29, residents from the Washington, D.C. area joined Samaritan Inns staff to help rebuild and paint the fence surrounding our Lazarus House and Elisha House properties.

Connected by the volunteer organization SPACIOUS, volunteers stripped, repaired, primed and repainted a fence throughout the morning – all while meeting fellow volunteers and learning about one another.

SPACIOUS is an organization designed to connect people with one another while engaging them in a variety of activities, from volunteer work to spelling bees.

“This is the kind of thing that gets me excited,” Founder and Creative Director Cary Umhau said. “We hope people will find [Samaritan Inns] and help.”

Cary Umhau has been a long-time supporter of Samaritan Inns, beginning with a church volunteer event and eventually designing and creating our 25th Anniversary book.  She continues to be a strong supporter of our mission and an incredible advocate of Samaritan Inns.

Thank you to Cary and all the volunteers from SPACIOUS who came to help rebuild the fence. You enable us to continue helping residents by providing them with a clean, inviting and safe home to live in.

Check out SPACIOUS and get involved at www.SPACIOUS.me

BB&T Lighthouse Project 2013

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On June 19, BB&T sponsored a Beautification Day at Tabitha’s House as part of its annual Lighthouse Project.  Volunteers from the downtown D.C. office spent the day away from traditional work to help landscape and maintain the grounds.

Volunteers arrived early in the morning and began working hard. They worked together to mow the lawn, plant new flowers and level the ground to build new picnic tables for residents of Tabitha’s House to enjoy.

“I think everyone here gets a sense of personal satisfaction,” BB&T Market Leader Jeff Rubery said. “There is a personal reward that comes with knowing your helped somebody. Everyone is here because they wanted to help; it’s part of what our company aspires to influence.”

The Beautification Day was a huge success and we are thankful to the volunteers from BB&T for their hard work and effort. Tabitha’s House looks great and will continue to serve as a welcoming place for its residents.

Technology Center Celebration

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Members of the Federal Order of Malta and the family of Burns McLindon gathered at Lazarus House June 13 to recognize and celebrate our Technology Centers and the long-time support of volunteer Burns McLindon.

The Order of Malta has been a strong supporter of Samaritan Inns over the years and its generous grant award in 2011 allowed us to build three Technology Centers, one in each of our SRO/Affordable Housing communities. The grant supplied not only technological equipment but also the technology training materials for the group classes and individual training on Microsoft Office.  Identified as the number one need amongst our SRO residents, the new technology literacy program has been tremendously successful in helping our residents continue to strive for their greatest potential.

The celebration also honored Burns McLindon, a dedicated volunteer of Samaritan Inns who helped mentor many residents on their journey to recovery.  During his time volunteering, he helped connect residents to resources that would allow them to reach their personal, professional and financial goals.  Burns will be remembered for his generous spirit and commitment to service, often times going the extra mile to help a resident - such as finding a literacy class for a recipient who had graduated high school without functional literacy skills.

During Burns McLindon’s time at Samaritan Inns, he realized the need to have technology available to residents and supported our proposal to the Order of Malta. We are grateful to have had such a devoted volunteer and for the generosity of the Order of Malta.

Deloitte Impact Day 2013

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On Friday June 7th, Samaritan Inns participated in Deloitte’s annual Impact Day. Volunteers hosted workshops on job readiness such as resume writing, job searching online, interview skills and professional dress, as well as basic financial planning and goal setting. Along with the presentations, volunteers paired with residents for some one on one mentorship.

Our residents gained valuable advice and were enthusiastic participants.  It is important to them to build skills for life after Samaritan Inns. Workshops like this provide our residents with all the information and guidance they need to feel confident in their job search and overall goals.

Impact Day was a great success and team effort. The Deloitte site leads made sure all the volunteers were adequately prepared for their mentorship roles, and in return the volunteers did a fantastic job communicating and interacting with the residents. We can not express how appreciative we are for this opportunity to offer these services to our residents.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and particapated! We look forward to Impact Day 2014!


Story of Hope: Tammy Wilkerson

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Hello my name is Tammy and I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict.

I was raised by a very strong and determined mother in a house filled with 4 girls and lots of love.  I had everything I needed - nice clothes,  nice home, and close-knit family. I had a solid foundation, yet my life took a turn down the wrong path.

I started drinking once I reached junior high school;   I was 15 years old. It was fun for a while, but then it consumed my life. I drank alcohol most  of my young life, and then at 25, I was introduced  to crack cocaine and was hooked immediately. During that time, I was living on the streets. I did not even want to go to a shelter because I couldn’t make curfew, and I was only focused on finding more drugs.

I hit bottom when I woke up on a metal grate on Pennsylvania Ave, where I had been living for the past 7 years behind the old unemployment building.  I woke up one morning and I cried uncontrollably. I was physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted. I asked God to please help  me because I needed a path for a different life. I finally surrendered and entered treatment on April 2, 2001. Ever since that first day, I haven’t found it necessary to go back to drugs and alcohol.

I came to Samaritan Inns for the Single Room Occupancy at Tabitha House in April 2003. It was a therapeutic community – exactly what I needed to build on my sober foundation. Everyday, the ladies in my suite told me to apply for a job opening as a building manager. It was as if they were my guardian angels; they saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I applied after celebrating my 2 years clean and got the job. This June, I will have been working proudly for Samaritan Inns for 10 years. I give thanks for this establishment for saving my life and affording me a job where I can help someone everyday.

Next month I will celebrate 12 years clean! Life is good – I am back at church, my mother and I grow closer everyday, and my relationship with my daughters is stronger than ever. I am an active part of their lives now! This summer, I am marrying my best friend and long time love, Joe.

I have never felt healthier or happier!

Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Reception

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Last night, Samaritan Inns was honored to received the Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Grant.

Samaritan Inns Staff

Bank of America’s National Neighborhood Builders program is an exclusive, invitation only grant opportunity that provides high-performing nonprofits with funding to help address the local challenges of community development. We are thrilled about this award and ready to address the needs of the community.

This funding will have the greatest impact in the establishment and support of our new program: Residential Treatment of Women with Dependent Children. More than 850 families with 1,620 children were identified as being homeless in the 2011 Count of Homeless Persons in Metropolitan Washington. With 84% of homeless families being female headed, it is imperative that women and children have a place to receive simultaneous drug treatment, housing and supportive services.


SI Alum Theresa Washington, SI President Larry Huff, SI Board Chair Mike Alto, and Bank of America Greater Washington Market President Jeff Wood.

This initiative will take us to the next level by elevating SI as one of the few, if not only, providers in a critically needed yet highly complex area. Our long-term goal is to end the generational cycle of homelessness and addiction in the Metropolitan region. In housing, treating and educating the women and children and involving the fathers in family therapy, the entire family unit will have an opportunity to build a strong foundation and return to their community in a productive capacity.

The Bank of America Neighborhood Builders program is the largest investment in nonprofit leadership development, recognizing over 730 nonprofits and training nearly 1,500 nonprofit leaders to date. Samaritan Inns is proud to be part of the elite few who have been awarded this grant.

SI Board Members: Mike Alto, Larry Huff, Paul Gallagher, Winson Heng and Christine Johnson.

Kaiser Permanente Access to Health Care Grant

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With help from Kaiser Permanente Access to Health Care for Vulnerable Populations Safety Net Grant, Samaritan Inns has initiated an organization-wide health program focused on improving the nutrition/diet knowledge and practice of our clients, staff, and community. To enhance the effective outcomes of our addiction recovery program, a highly trained and certified dietitian consultant was engaged to create and administer educational sessions on nutrition for the residents, perform client assessments, and design specific diet plans for clients that reflect proper management for chronic conditions (i.e. obesity, diabetes, and hypertension). Our dietitian also helped kitchen staff redesign the menus and manage food procurement- planning, preparation, and storage- to emphasize and promote healthy eating habits.








Jeff, our Registered Dietitian, standing next to his food group chart and teaching a client about portion control.

Since the beginning of the program in July 2011, over 500 men and women, including staff and clients of our Recovery Continuum, have benefited from the nutrition program. An exit survey conducted found that:

  • 78% of residents said it was their first time participating in a nutrition workshop
  • 89% said they would be interested in seeing a dietitian for individual counseling
  • 100% identified at least three healthy eating habits they planned to maintain with the top four being: reading labels, monitoring portion sizes, eat less sweets, and eat more fruits and vegetables.
Kaiser Permanente partners with safety net providers, public institutions and other community-based organizations to expand access to primary, specialty, and preventive care for low-income and uninsured populations. Eligible programs focus on areas improving quality and cost effectiveness of care, reducing health disparities, managing chronic disease, and promoting disease prevention. We thank Kaiser for this opportunity and are proud to see our residents engaging in healthy eating habits!

Story of Hope: Steve Patton

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Steve came to Samaritan Inns with an addiction to conquer and a dream for his future. Upon entering the Single Room Occupancy (SRO) program, Steve told his counselor that his goals in treatment were to secure a good job, improve his credit and buy a house.

Steve had used drugs for 12 years prior to being incarcerated for 21 years, so this would not be an easy start. Through his persistence and determination, Steve was able to find employment as an electrician. His current employer, Joe Latham of Laco Electric Company, gave him the opportunity to prove himself, starting Steve at the base pay of $13 per hour as an amateur electrician. Within a few years, Steve was able to increase his skills and his income to $31 per hour. Joe recognized Steven’s passion for the job and his potential to excel in the field, and decided to send Steven back to school, all expenses paid. Steve is now in his third year of a program to become a journeyman electrician.

Steve credits Samaritan Inns for teaching him how to manage his finances, particularly helping him to start a savings plan. In the Single Room Occupancy housing program, he learned to cook to cook for himself while learning to live within his means. Steve believes that the strict boundaries and guidelines of the program helped him to rejoin the community. Throughout his journey to recovery, Steve has given thanks to Samaritan Inns for providing the structure he needed to build a foundation for his future.

This month, Steve called his former counselor at Samaritan Inns to say he continues to enjoy his work at Laco and learns something new every day.  He is pursuing his dream of buying a home in Clinton, MD with his long time love, whom he married last fall. “Life is good,” he says, “and I don’t ever want to look back.”

Nutcracker Benefit

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On December 12th, Samaritan Inns hosted its annual Nutcracker Benefit at the Warner Theater.  It was a wonderful evening celebrating the arts while engaging in fellowship, conversation, and holiday spirit.

SI Alum Theresa Washington gave a heartfelt testimonial before the show.

Board Member Christine Johnson and her family attend the benefit every year.

We would like to thank all our sponsors who made this benefit possible:


Story of Hope: Alvin Deloatche

Thursday, November 01, 2012 | General | Comments (0)

Alvin came to Samaritan Inns eight years ago after his life abruptly came to a halt when drug addiction entered his life. Growing up in North Carolina, Alvin was the first of his family to graduate college, pursuing a career in business. Upon moving to D.C. he quickly climbed the ranks at his first job, starting as a stock clerk, and was one of very few educated African American men promoted to a corporate executive position.

His future seemed bright; he had a steady job and a new young family. But as time passed, the mounting pressures of work and family life grew. With no mentor to turn to for guidance, he took all the stresses upon himself and turned to drugs and alcohol. Drug abuse took over, and became the number one priority in his life. His wife and son left him, and he lost his job and his home. Alvin says addiction took him down roads he could have never fathomed.

He was homeless, jobless, no family left to call upon for help and had lost himself in a haze of addiction, to block out the reality of each sad day. After living like this for some time, he attempted to get his life in order and came to Samaritan Inns for salvation.

After completing Samaritan Inns’ SRO program, Alvin has eight years of sobriety. He is now an independent home owner, and attributes this milestone to the educational financial management and homeowners workshops at Samaritan Inns. Alvin has reconnected with his family and is a proud grandfather. Inspired by his father’s challenges, his son serves as a social worker here in the city.

Alvin himself has heard a call to service and now gives back as a case manager at S.O.M.E., a local social services agency for the homeless.  He also volunteers as the president of the DuPont Circle Club, an AA/NA group serving over 2,000 participants each week.

We are so proud of Alvin! Keep up the good work!

Help the Homeless Walk

Monday, October 29, 2012 | General | Comments (0)

On Saturday, October 27, Samaritan Inns hosted the annual Help the Homeless Community Walk.  Members of the community joined on a short walk in the Columbia Heights/14th Street neighborhood, beginning and ending at our main office. At the end of the walk, food and refreshments were donated by local merchants including Whole Foods, Smuckers Farms and Giant.

Prior to our Commuity Walk, we partnered with Rivendell School and Imagine Hope Tolson DCPCS.These mini walks were designed to promote awareness of homelessness in our community. Testimonials were given by former SI alumni and students participated in a walk around their school's campus.

Thank you to all those who sponsored, donated, walked (even virtually) and supported Samaritan Inns in the 25th Annual Help the Homeless Walkathon!


Good Samaritan: Chuck Todd

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On, Thursday, May 17, NBC News Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd was featured on JEOPARDY! for Power Players Week. Chuck played on behalf of Samaritan Inns and after hitting the daily double three times, was the big winner of the night! Thanks to him, Samaritan Inns was awarded $50,000!

We are so grateful to Chuck Todd for choosing us as his charity of choice.This money will be used to directly support our housing and recovery programs that serve countless homeless and at risk men and women in addictions recovery. Thanks again Chuck!

Don't forget to check out the Washingtonian Article highlighting Chuck's big win!


Haven of Hope Fundraiser

Friday, May 04, 2012 | General | Comments (0)






Thank you to everyone who attended, sponsored and supported our Haven of Hope Fundraiser! It would not have been a success without the support from our dedicated friends like you!

Thursday evening could not have been more magical as guests sparkled in the newly renovated Decatur House. While listening to the sounds of the jazz, guests mingled, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and bid on silent auction pieces. Ms. J.C. Hayward, WUSA9-TV Noon Anchor/ Vice President of Media Outreach, gave a very warm welcome as the Mistress of Ceremonies. Her ability to speak passionately intoxicated the audience and made the night more memorable. We can not thank her enough for hosting this special evening!

We hope that you enjoyed the event and were touched by the personal testimony shared by a member of our  Samaritan Inns family.  Click here to view more photo from the event!

Thank you to our Sponsors:

The Order of Malta

Thursday, November 10, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Many thanks go out to the Knights Hospitallers of the Order of Malta, Federal Association for their recent generous grant of $25,000. This gift will go towards establishing a much needed Technology Resource Center to be used by the residents in our Recovery Continuum.

Our aim is to provide a readily accessible training and educational platform to improve the information technology and research skills of our clients.These resources will allow our residents an opportunity to improve their computer literacy skills, diversify their employment searches and advance in their formal education goals, all within an environment that welcomes learning and growth.

The primary mission of the Order is to provide direct assistance to the poor, the sick, the elderly, and victims of national disasters. With the Order of Malta’s support and funding, Samaritan Inns is better able to serve the countless scores of men and women seeking rescue from a life of homelessness and addiction.

Busboys & Poets

Tuesday, November 01, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Samaritan Inns serves the residents in our Intensive Recovery Program three delicious hot meals a day, free of cost, on a small budget, and our savvy chef Ms. Frederica Robinson and our nutritionist Charise Hasdorff make it work! Recently, city mandates required our community kitchen to update some industrial grade kitchen appliances that were, quite frankly, beyond our budget. So, our development team made a special appeal to area community partners and local restaurants to see if they could possibly donate the items we desperately needed. Luckily, one community conscious restaurant group, and our neighbor, came to the rescue!

The leadership of Busboys and Poets graciously donated all of the desperately needed appliances we requested and then some. With the help of Busboys’ operations manager, Hicham Baamrani, Samaritan Inns was able to secure: an industrial grade ice machine, a 3-compartment sink, as well as a commercial dishwasher. This donation will help Samaritan Inns continue its mission to serve formerly homeless men and women in recovery. Busboys and Poets is a model business partner investing in the needs of our community. A very special thank you goes out to the leadership and staff of Busboys and Poets!

Good Samaritan:James Young

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Thank you to James Young for speaking to all of our mini walk groups these past two weeks. James is a current resident of SI's Affordable Permanent Housing Program. After many years of being homeless as a result of his addictions, James overcame his misfortunes by becoming clean and sober. He is now working full time, saving money and rebuilding the relationship with his daughter.


James spoke to students at Sidwell Friends, Rivendell School and West Education Campus about the rising rate and the many faces of homelessness in DC. By bringing attention to the issue, students will have a better understanding of the cause they are walking for and the reality of this prevalent matter.










You can help too by registering to walk on behalf of Samaritan Inns in the Help the Homeless Walk-a-thon on November 19! Designate beneficiary DC073 when registering online at www.helpthehomelessdc.org. Every walker can help make a difference!

This November 1st, James will celebrate 5 years of sobriety! Congrats James and keep smiling!

3rd Annual Tournament of Hope

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

It was a bright and sunny day for golf this past Friday. Our 3rd Annual Tournament of Hope was held at Westfields Golf Course, where golfers competed for the 1st place trophy and participated in contests, hoping to win the coveted BMW.

Thank you to all the golfers for supporting our efforts and helping the hundreds of formerly homeless men and women who want to reclaim their lives from addictions. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to seeing you next year at our 4th Annual Tournament of Hope!

Check out our photo gallery for more pictures of the tournament.

Students who Serve

Friday, August 26, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

This week has been full of service. We were lucky enough to have two groups of service-minded students beautify our property and participate in a lunch fellowship with our residents.

On Tuesday, Georgetown University Law students  beautified our Elisha House property. They removed weeds, trimmed bushes and pulled out some unruly ivy. Through the process, the future lawyers became quite oriented with our organization and all the men and women we serve annually. Some students were even offering pro bono work for our residents once they pass the bar!

On Thursday, American University's Freshman Experience students participated in a lunch fellowship and an expressive arts project with our residents in the IR. The students and residents learned how to make Frank Loyd Wright inspired stain glass windows, thanks to the very creative Roslyn Delos Reyes, Community Arts Programmer  for Arlington County. Conversation flowed naturally between the students and residents, as they shared stories and mod podged their projects.

Thank you to all the students who volunteered this week! We hope you enjoyed your time at Samaritan Inns and learned about the addicted and homeless population in DC. You are welcome back anytime!

Check out our facebook page for all the pictures!

Good Samaritan:Thaddeus McRae

Thursday, August 11, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Congratulations to our community builder Thaddeus McRae, for being awarded the Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of continuing service and support to the Educational Opportunity Center. Thaddeus has referred many of our residents to their centers in order to gain educational assistance and partake in workshops. As a result, 98% of our residents are gainfully employed and successfully continuing down their path of recovery. Residents and staff are very lucky to have you in the Samaritan Inns' family! Keep up the good work Thaddeus!

Harriet Tubman Elementary Donates

Thursday, June 09, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Harriet Tubman Elementary DC Scores' students held an open mic poetry event to raise funds to help the homeless in their community. They raised $150 through a collective effort and donated that money to Samaritan Inns.We were honored to recieve the donation on Tuesday and couldn't resist taking a picture of these good samaritans. Keep up the good work!


Verizon Volunteers!

Friday, June 03, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

spent the day beautifying our Tabitha House location. They landscaped the front lawn by pulling weeds, planting flowers and mulching, giving our residents a place they can be proud of to call home.

Thank you for being so active in the community Verizon!

Check out the all the beautification pictures to see the transformation!


April is Alcohol Awareness Month!

Friday, April 08, 2011 | General | Comments (0)
April is Alcohol Awareness Month! There is no better time to be mindful of one’s drinking habits and the consequences that result from alcohol abuse. If you or anyone you know is struggling with alcoholism, we are here to help. Treatment is available for anyone who is seeking refuge and striving to rebuild their life. Please help us help someone who may be in grave danger of become a fatal statistic. Alcohol-related problems are rapidly rising, which means that…

" One too many - drink and drive
One too many - can result in high risk behavior
One too many - people have died from alcoholism
One too many - families have been torn apart due to drinking
One too many - can increase your risk of cancer
One too many - victims of alcohol-related domestic violence, abuse, assault or homicides
One too many - one is too many, if you are pregnant
One too many - don't understand that help is available
One too many - children are growing up in a family with alcoholism
One too many - active duty military personnel and veterans need help for alcoholism
One too many - people need treatment and do not have access
One too many - are in jail rather than in treatment
One too many - can cause accidents, falls and injury to self or others
One too many - children are born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
One too many - victims of alcohol-related falls, fire deaths or accidents
One too many - alcohol-related suicide deaths
One too many - don't seek help for themselves, their family or a friend
One too many - workers miss work due to drinking
One too many - victims of drinking and driving crashes
One too many - still believes that recovery is not possible
One too many - have died from this treatable disease! " - NCADD

For more information on alcohol awareness month, please visit The National Council of Alcohol and Drug Dependence website.

SI focuses on the "Twin Problems"- Housing AND Treatment

Thursday, March 31, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Samaritan Inns was featured in an article in USA Today regarding housing for the homeless. The article discusses the Housing First philosophy and the debate about if housing should be available before treatment to the homeless. Samaritan Inns is highlighted because we focus on the “twin problems” -housing and treatment. We support clean, safe and afforadable housing for the homeless, however, homeless addicts will not succeed if treatment is not provided.

GDS Volunteers!

Monday, March 07, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Students from Georgetown Day School volunteered at Samaritan Inns last week as part of their service learning project. The 9th Graders planed, prepared and shared a lunch fellowship with our residents in the IR. While half the students were cooking, the other half participated in an expressive arts project led by Roslyn Delos Reyes, Community Arts Programer for Arlington County.

The students and residents learned how to make journals, an express outlet for thoughts and feelings during the challenging 28 day period. Journaling is an important part of the recovery process and we wanted to share this experience with our volunteers, who hopefully went home with a greater sense of the reality of substance abuse, and a journal to write in.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers from Georgetown Day School!

A Little Helps A Lot

Friday, March 04, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

This Saturday and Sunday, Samaritan Inns will be featured on philanthroper.com, a new site that showcases a non-profit deal-of-the-day where donations are just $1.

For 48 hours, your support of $1 will help raise money for recovery services and housing for homeless and addicted men and women, who desperately need an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Our goal is to raise $1,000 during our weekend debut on the site, so please log on and support a cause that provides hope for so many in our Nation's Capital.

Please donate $1, because a little helps a lot.

"I Receive That!"

Monday, February 21, 2011 | General | Comments (0)

Speaker Stacey Jordan motivated our residents to use their talents, skills, abilities and resources to achieve personal greatness. He said "when you are stuck in a RUT (rough, unreasonable time), you must get OUT (oriented, unorthodox and tough)." Through his thought provoking presentation and inspiring stories, Mr. Jordan encouraged residents to continue down their path of recovery in order to reach their "God-given destiny."

In the beginning of this teaching, Mr. Jordan stated that if anyone finds his words positive and encouraging, they should put one hand up and say "I receive that!" He is a firm believer that when someone "receives" an uplifting statement, it will go into their soul and immediately change their outlook on life, which is the first step toward personal fulfillment.

Mr. Jordan's encouraged the residents to look deep within and uncover their top 3 talents to better help understand themselves and what they want to accomplish. He says that the only way to succeed in the journey to one's destiny, is by changing perceptions from "I am nowhere," to "I am now here."

Check out highlights from Mr. Jordan's motivational speech!


SI is the "Vision" behind Ruth's House

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A faithful support of Samaritan Inns, Ruth Milgate, was recently featured in Evansville Living about her non profit organization, Ruth's House. She credits the strategies learned at Samaritan Inns as the fundamentals behind Ruth's House, a transitional housing program for homeless and addicted women in Indiana. Check out the article!

To Give or Not To Give?

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Drugs, Alcohol and Homelessness

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