Three Huff House Residents Celebrate Program Completion

By Natasha Palance

Three residents, (who will be referred to as “Kate”, “Jane”, and “Mary” for confidentiality), marked a milestone in their recovery at their graduation at Samaritan Inns’ Huff House recently. Their hard work and dedication to completing the program serve as an inspiration to other residents. The day was filled with exchanges of love, hope, and good food.

One of the graduating residents, Kate, was unable to attend the celebration in person due to an illness requiring quarantine. Despite this, the group attending the graduation made sure her accomplishments were not overlooked. Kate Facetimed the room full of supportive friends and family to celebrate virtually.

“I love each one of you for saving my life and allowing me the ability to be open-minded to know what courage looks like. I will forever carry all of you in my heart,” Kate said. “Today is proof that women do recover.” 

Jane’s story of recovery was full of introspective realizations about herself and her life. She didn’t know what to expect coming to Samaritan Inns. Before starting the program, Jane didn’t think of herself as an addict. Now she’s in a healthier place. “It takes an angel in human form to do this type of work,” she explained. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are like angels in the flesh.” 

Family and friends crowded the intimate living room of Huff House in support of the now former residents. “It’s good to have my sister back,” Jane’s sister shared as the group shared blessings. A homemade dinner was served, and the afternoon buzzed with heartfelt exchanges of courage and pride.  

Both new residents and long-term residents attended as well. To these residents, the three graduates serve as a powerful example for those first starting in the program. “It’s given me a little bit of hope; Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle,” a first-day client commented. 

Mary’s journey to completing the program was a great example of this determination. At one point during the program, Mary stopped going to meetings and not soon after, stopped calling her sponsor. But she learned from her mistakes and didn’t let that stop her from reaching the finish line. “Coming home to your heart is the longest journey,” Judy, Director of Treatment Programs, commented. 

Now that she has completed the program, Mary plans on coming back to work for Samaritan Inns one day to give back the kindness she has received. “You made my life truly change,” she explained. “I have a new life and a new hope. I won’t make that mistake of using again. Women do recover. Life is beautiful on this side.” 

President and CEO of Samaritan Inns, Lauren Vaughan, attended the graduation and shared some insight: “I don’t come to these very often, but when I do it’s meaningful. I am proud of each and every one of you. You have done amazing work over the last few months. Newcomers: They’re your examples. God bless you for staying on this journey. Keep at it. You can do it.”

For these three graduates, their story of growth and joy is just at the beginning. They have just scratched the surface of a new and healthy future with real happiness right around the corner. 


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