Developing a Game Plan: The Role of a Recovery Coach

By Justin Feltman

IMG_7363In recovery, it takes a team working together to achieve success. Residents at Samaritan Inns have counselors, sponsors, monitors, and a recovery coach to help them along their journey.

For years, Wendell teetered from recovery to relapse. As frustration built, so did the questions, distilled to the one most critical: “Why can’t I stay sober?”

Wendell found his answer: he needed a structured plan for recovery. After successfully executing his own plan, Wendell has remained clean and currently dedicates his free time as a volunteer recovery coach at Samaritan Inns.

Recovery coaches help each resident identify their needs and goals on Day 1. They present choices, identify potential obstacles, and develop plans to overcome the challenges they will face in the recovery process.

“Any choice that they work to bring to fruition is a successful choice,” Wendell said, “So I always talk to them about plan A, plan B, and even plan C. There are no bad choices.”

With a recovery coach like Wendell, when Samaritan Inns’ residents return to the world, they are prepared.

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