Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Davis

By Justin Feltman

Four years ago, Laura Davis began her freshman year at Georgetown University. She wasimage1 undecided on a major and a career path but knew she wanted to join APO, Georgetown’s co-ed community service fraternity, where she first heard of Samaritan Inns.

While Laura didn’t know much about the issues Samaritan Inns’ residents face every day in addiction and in recovery, she knew the most important part of volunteering with our residents: listening.

“I feel like people who are suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol are not always heard because people just don’t take the time to talk to them. They are just the nicest people who have just had a hard time in life,” Laura shared, “I just find everything they have to say is super interesting. It keeps me wanting to come back.”

And she has. Laura faithfully served our residents throughout her stay at Georgetown University.

One day, while at the Verizon Center for a basketball game, Laura ran into an alumnus of our 28-day program. He hugged her and thanked her for her support.

“At the time, when you’re just sitting and talking with them, it may not seem like a lot, but, to them it means so much,” Laura said. As great as the meals were that her group served to the residents in dinner fellowship, Laura found real value in the service by showing she cared and that our residents matter.

Laura is getting ready to graduate this spring from Georgetown. She’s currently applying for graduate school to study public health. Samaritan Inns is so grateful for the past years of service and her continued dedication to public issues. We can’t think of a better person for the field!

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