Samaritan Inns launches a new Transitional Living Program

By Justin Feltman

9X4A5167On May 1, Samaritan Inns will be welcoming new residents to its new transitional living program at 1215 Fairmont Street NW.

This new 6-month program will serve about 50 men each year who suffer from substance use disorders. We will provide housing, along with rigorous treatment services and life skills training. The first six months after the initial treatment regimen are the most critical to ensuring lasting sobriety. Each person will receive individual/group counselling using proven evidence-based therapeutic approaches coupled with case management services. Life skills training will include activities such as effective communication, financial management, and employment readiness – with the objective of helping individuals transition into being more independent and responsible members of the community. Our goal is that all participants will be employed and have a solid recovery foundation at program completion. With the addition of this new Transitional Living Program, Samaritan Inns will be the only substance use disorder treatment and recovery provider offering a full residential continuum.

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