Do More for “The Chair”

By Justin Feltman

b722650c-acd7-49c5-ac45-c69cd390405cAt Samaritan Inns, during every counseling session, we sit out one empty chair. Every client knows that this chair represents the person who isn’t here yet. This is the next client that walks through our doors and onto the road to recovery.

Every year, Samaritan Inns serves around 200 of “the next clients” who fill that chair. Tomorrow, on June 2nd, you can Do More for each and every one of these client. Just $24 will provide a clients with the basic toiletries needed for their 28 days in treatment. And, if you recruit 5 more friends, you can provide housing to them for the first two weeks in treatment. Furthermore, if you make your donation from 4 pm-6 pm, you put Samaritan Inns in the running for a $1,000 bonus prize, if we are the top fundraising organization during that time.

With your help, when a new client enters our program and sits in that chair, we can do more! Thank you!

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