Christmas with Samaritan Inns

By Justin Feltman

FullSizeRenderOne of the best gifts that Christmas time brings is family. A community that loves and cares about us. For our Adult Treatment Program Clients, this time of year can be bittersweet. Although participating in the program provides the gift of recovery, our residents must stay on-site for the entire 28 day treatment period, preventing them from being “home for the holidays.”
The Clark family of Clark Construction understands this and, for years, fill that need. Each year they deliver gifts for every client in our treatment and transitional programs to make sure they feel cared for. Each client receives a winter coat, sweater, watch, and several other gifts. Every client shared how grateful and humbled they were. One client shared that the Clark family “Inspired me to believe in goodness and kindness again.” Another stated, “This Christmas is one of my most memorable Christmas’ I have had in a very long time.”
GroupThis year, Samaritan Inns’ President, Larry Huff, and his wife, along with another couple from their church, prepared a Christmas dinner. Meanwhile, at Clark Inn, Chantal Rogers, a member of The District Church, and her husband prepared a special dinner for the Women and Children Program.
Through their service, every resident was a member of our Samaritan Inns family for Christmas. Samaritan Inns is fortunate to have supporters and volunteers who are dedicated to our mission and create a loving and supportive environment and community for our clients on their journey towards sobriety throughout the year.

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