Letters from the President: A New Year

By Justin Feltman

To Our Samaritan Inns friends and family,

2018 presents new opportunities and challenges for us all. At Samaritan Inns, we are no stranger to either. Each year, our nation’s opioid epidemic worsens, leaving lost love ones and broken families in its wake. Washington, DC is at the heart of many of the nation’s substance use problems, leading the nation in alcohol abuse.

However, there is hope. Thanks to your continued support, we provide a beacon of light for those needing help. Over the past year, over 250 clients entered our Adult Treatment Program, looking for a new beginning. About 25 mothers began building a healthy foundation with their families through our Women with Children Program. Men and women in our long term recovery program have strengthened their commitment to independent living, with 98% of alumni continuing to live drug and alcohol free.

The challenges we face, as a community and nation, seem insurmountable. However, we know that when we come together to face these challenges, hope will win. This year, I look forward to partnering with you as we work to restore hope and bring healing to our community.


Larry Huff

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