New Life at the Clark Inn

By Justin Feltman


Jeremiah wrapped in a quilt donated by the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George.

When Samaritan Inns launched the new Women with Children Program last summer, we hoped to address the difficult choice many mothers in our community face: their personal health or the care of their child.

Since the program opened, mothers of preschool and grade school-aged children have no longer had to make that choice and can receive treatment at Samaritan Inns while continuing to live with their children.

In an even greater time of need, on January 9th, we received a mother in her last month of pregnancy. She came to seek help on her journey towards recovery and give her son the best life possible.

But it hasn’t been easy. “I was looking at the other mothers here and just couldn’t wait to have mine,” she shared.

On January 31st, he was born. His name is Jeremiah, meaning “Yahweh has uplifted.” She returned from the hospital, elated with her new son. She’s been a true asset to our Women with Children Program. 

Judy Ashburn, Director of Treatment Programs, shared, “She’s a great mother. She takes great care of her baby.” This extends into her meetings and counseling classes. “She gets along with all the other residents and staff. She’s a really good listener,” Judy added.

This is Jeremiah’s mother’s first time in treatment. “It’s been an adjustment. But, I’m here for a reason,” She said. Her reason goes beyond herself but also for Jeremiah.

In DC, there are about 1,000 homeless families. Roughly one third of people who are homeless struggle with substance abuse. May Jeremiah and his mother not just bring new life to our programs, but, to our city, in desperate need of the hope that he and this program may bring. 

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