Deloitte makes an impact at the Tabitha House

By Justin Feltman


Deloitte has always been a good friend to Samaritan Inns, especially due to the work of Paul Gallagher III, who is not only a principal of Strategy and Operations at Deloitte Consulting but also a member of the Samaritan Inns Board of Directors. This Friday Deloitte brought out a great team for one of their Impact Days to help make the Tabitha House shine again!

The team arrived at the Tabitha House, one of the buildings in our Longer-Term Housing Program, and heard from our President, Larry Huff, about the Samaritan Inn mission, impact, and how much this day meant. Steve, one of our residents, also came down and gave a testimony to the group, making the vital role that the Tabitha House has in our residents’ lives very tangible. The Tabitha House is the rock our residents need to rebuild their lives, and they were here to keep that rock solid.

They then split up to tackle two projects, painting a stairwell from top to bottom and making the landscaping brand-new again. The painting crew first primed then painted the four-story stairwell, and the landscaping crew weeded and mulched the grounds along with planting several trees. Both groups did a wonderful job, working tirelessly and finishing ahead of schedule!

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