A New Transition Program Arrives at the Fairmont Inn!

By Justin Feltman

On December 11th, Samaritan Inns held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the launch of a new transitional treatment program.

At a time when substance abuse has become a national epidemic, DC has the highest rate of substance abuse in our nation. This new program looks to create long term solutions, linking a 28 day treatment program with our Affordable Housing Recovery Program.

This new program, serving about 50 men each year, applying evidence-based practices to further address the complexity of co-occurring disorder (substance use disorders and mental illness). In the new program, individuals fighting addiction will be able to fortify their newfound physical, emotional, and psychological well-being and begin to learn a new way of life, providing counseling, crisis intervention, GED preparation, financial management, vocational readiness, employment services, and much more.

Special thank you to DAVIS Construction and their contractors for their work in the renovation. We cannot wait to restore hope for so many in this beautiful new home!

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