The Many Gifts of Christmas

By Justin Feltman

Dear Samaritan Inns Friends,

As we enter the Holiday season, we are reminded of the incredible gifts we are given by family and friends and, sometimes, from surprising places.

Here at Samaritan Inns, we know a lot about the surprising gifts. The clients who come to our Inns are seeking the gift of healing. However, they come away from our program with many more gifts. And, truly, we do too. Each client may come with a lot of wounds, but they also come bearing many gifts. We are blessed by each individual and what they share with us: their stories, music, art, poetry, compassion, and many others.

This Christmas, I am grateful for the gifts that we receive every day. Our entire family is blessed by each new face, whether they be a client, donor, volunteer, or staff member. Thank you for your gifts, and I wish every one of you a Merry Christmas!

With Gratitude,

Larry Huff

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