A Home Where Lives are Restored

By Justin Feltman

The Affordable Housing Communities at Samaritan Inns provide a safe haven for residents to reinforce their recovery while living in apartment-style Lazarus Househousing. But the third phase of Samaritan Inns recovery program, is so much more than just an affordable place to live in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC.

“There’s a strong educational component,” says Jesse Washington, Director of the program. “Assessment of each resident takes place, advice is given, and then we empower them to get the training and skills they need to take that next step.”

Residents in the program participate in on-going addictions counseling and social services, share living and dining space in a drug and alcohol free environment, and continue to create a community of support and accountability.

More than just a home, residents in the Affordable Housing Communities hold their peers accountable and support each other on the path to recovery.

“Most of them have never been in this kind of living situation before,” says Jesse. “It teaches patience. It helps their self-esteem, and they leave with a huge sense of accomplishment and progress.”

Additionally, every resident in each eight-person suite serves one term as a suite leader for three months. “Being a suite leader is a responsibility,” says Jesse. “You have to pay attention, address issues, and get stuff done. It’s hard work, but very rewarding when they get to the other side.”

The men and women who graduate from the program leave with the confidence and tool set to sustain long-term sobriety and build a foundation for independent living. With their lives restored, they join our community and contribute to making it more than just a home.

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