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Story of Hope: Alvin Deloatche

on Thursday, November 01, 2012 | General | 0 comments

Alvin came to Samaritan Inns eight years ago after his life abruptly came to a halt when drug addiction entered his life. Growing up in North Carolina, Alvin was the first of his family to graduate college, pursuing a career in business. Upon moving to D.C. he quickly climbed the ranks at his first job, starting as a stock clerk, and was one of very few educated African American men promoted to a corporate executive position. 

His future seemed bright; he had a steady job and a new young family. But as time passed, the mounting pressures of work and family life grew. With no mentor to turn to for guidance, he took all the stresses upon himself and turned to drugs and alcohol. Drug abuse took over, and became the number one priority in his life. His wife and son left him, and he lost his job and his home. Alvin says addiction took him down roads he could have never fathomed.

He was homeless, jobless, no family left to call upon for help and had lost himself in a haze of addiction, to block out the reality of each sad day. After living like this for some time, he attempted to get his life in order and came to Samaritan Inns for salvation.

After completing Samaritan Inns’ SRO program, Alvin has eight years of sobriety. He is now an independent home owner, and attributes this milestone to the educational financial management and homeowners workshops at Samaritan Inns. Alvin has reconnected with his family and is a proud grandfather. Inspired by his father’s challenges, his son serves as a social worker here in the city.

Alvin himself has heard a call to service and now gives back as a case manager at S.O.M.E., a local social services agency for the homeless.  He also volunteers as the president of the DuPont Circle Club, an AA/NA group serving over 2,000 participants each week.

We are so proud of Alvin. Keep up to good work!


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